Tea is much more than just a drink and cooking with tea is an adventure in new flavors and aromas.

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Tea beyond the cup

Tea is a fashion ingredient used by chefs from all around the world but already in China, in ancient times, the leaves were eaten, smoked, pickled or seasoned with salt, garlic and fat.
It still survives among some peoples the tradition of eating tea leaves, cooked or infused, as a snack, salad or soup. Tea is a versatile cooking ingredient and adds aroma and taste to every culinary creation, from cocktails, sauces, to desserts and savory dishes. Our passion and experience has led us to select some of our most interesting recipes with tea. The recipes doses are, unless otherwise specified, designed for one serving,

Irish Tea

Fior di Zagara Grog

Marrakech Mint Tea Detox

Matcha Milk Shake

Matcha Cupcakes

Earl Grey Imperiale Dried Fruit Salad

Jasmine bubbles

Spicy Ginger Detox

Hummus with Matcha salt

Pears with Jasmine Tea

Ginger Lemon Moscow Mule

Belle Epoque Rooibos Tequila

La Leggenda di Boboli Gin Lemon

Matcha Pancakes

Matcha Martini

Zagara Spritz

Marrakech Mint Tea Mojito

Romeo e Giulietta Strawberry Mango

Sencha Tea Scented Fish

Soft Matcha Cake

Green Tea, Cinnamon, Turmeric Detox

Margarita with Wild Berries Infusion

Marrakech Mint Tea Cous Cous

Ginger Oolong Detox

Lapsang Souchong Risotto

Matcha Veal Stew

Pumpkin & Rajasthan Tea Cupcakes

Ginger & Lemon Chicken Bites

Romeo e Giulietta Rossini

Bavarian Cream with Earl Grey Imperiale Tea

Mr Grey

Appuntamento sul Ponte Vecchio Caipiroska