...there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea…

H.James, Portrait of a Lady

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Tea Culture

Tea takes part in dailylife of people all over the world: in Asia, in North-Africa, in Middle-East people make tea to welcome a guest, drink tea while bargaining at the marketplace, to keep in good health, to quench one's thirst... Tea is drunk plain or mixed with spices, butter, rice, milk, candy sugar, mint leaves; according to different customs tea is whipped, boiled, infused and even eaten.
People drink tea on train, at home, at school,in restaurant, at work, in the monastery... But although an everyday drink, tea drinking sometimes developes into a rite, a ceremony, a veritable art.

The Chinese art of Gongfu Cha

The Japanese tea ceremony

The Moroccan tea tradition

The British Tea Tradition

The Korean Tea Ceremony

Iced tea (with milk) traditions

Iranian Tea Tradition

Indian Masala Chai

The Russian tea tradition and the Samovar