“You enter the world of tea on tiptoe and never get out...”

Alfredo Carrai

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The tea bush

Tea is the second most drunk beverage in the world after water. Millions drink tea, but still few know about tea plant, growing countries, processing methods. Welcome to the enchanting world of tea. Tea comes from manufacturing of Camellia Sinensis, an ever green plant of Camelliae family, which grows all over the world in tropical and subtropical regions. The two main varieties are Sinensis and Assamica and several hybrids are commonly used. Tea bushes give appreciable crops from the 3rd - 5th year on and they undergo to regular prunings to keep them waist height. Final difference in taste and quality is influenced by different climate, altitude, tea variety, crop time and mostly to processing methods. Best quality comes from picking one bud and the first one or two leaves.
All steps, from picking to manufacturing could be made by hands or by machine.

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