Firenze - flavoured blends
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Il Sogno di Michelangelo

50 grams bag

Blend of Oolong with the sweet and intense flavor of cream and chestnut, dedicated to a dream: the statue of David. Symbol of Florence and worldwide masterpiece of sculpture, created by Michelangelo from a defective block of marble which, due to the enormous technical challenges, made this work a myth.

Our commitment for sustainability

As dutiful tribute to Florence and some of it’s priceless art treasures La Via del Tè has created six fragrant blends, the result of a painstaking research on facts, personalities, food and legends of the Renaissance, of which the city is the symbol.

Aroma/Fragrance: Sweet, marked aroma. Chestnut and cream head notes, dried fruit and toast background notes.
Color: Deep amber
Flavour: Faithful to the aroma, no bitterness. Full-bodied.

2,5 gr. x 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 90°. Infusion time 3/4 minutes.

Half-oxidized tea (China), raisin, flavours, pine kernels, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, safflower petals.

Plain cookies, sponge cakes, shortbreads, panna cotta.