Firenze - flavoured blends
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Santa Maria del Fiore

50 grams bag

Leaf tea. This elegant blend of black tea and flowers, with sweet aroma of ripe grapes and red fruits, is a tribute to the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, the cathedral of the city.

Example of sublime architecture of the Renaissance, probably takes its name from the lily, the emblem of Florence, “City of Flowers”.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong and sweet of grape wine. Cherry and strawberry notes.
Color: Dark orange
Flavour: Smooth, no acidity, fruity.

2,5 gr. X 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 90°. Infusion time 3 minutes.

Chinese rose congou black tea, Kenya Marinyn black tea, flavours, heather, rose petals, red currants, sunflower petals

Plain cookies, sponge cakes, shortbreads, fruit tarts.