Tea Travels - flavoured blends
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Tuaregh Viaggio nel Sahara

100 gr round tin leaf tea

A mixture of green teas scented with “Nanah” mint, inspired by the ceremonial drink of the desert nomads, also known as "Blue riders", from their blue turban. Three rounds of tea are traditionally offered to the guest: the first one is “bitter as death”, the second “strong as life” and the third “sweet as love”.

Over the centuries each country has developed his own passion for tea through unique recipes and traditions. “Tea travel” is an imaginary journey into the history, the legends and the scents of distant lands.

Aroma/Fragrance: BALSAMIC
Flavour: Strong, slight acidity, strong mint and lemon notes

2/3 gr to 200 cc. of water at a temperature of 80°. Infuse for 2-3 minutes.

Tuaregh: Green teas (China), natural favours, vervain, rose petals, cornflower.

It marries marvelously with almond sweets, macaron, dried fruit and nuts.