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Tea Gift Box I Profumi del tè

Gift box of 3 tins I Profumi del tè X 90 gr.

A fresh and colorful gift box, perfect for lovers of fragrant tea blends.

The aroma of flowers, citrus and fruit blends the natural fragrance of tea for a perfect sensory journey. The teas presented in this package are: Earl Grey Imperial, with the intense scent of bergamot oil from Calabria, Bancha Fiorito, a blend of green tea and jasmine flowers with a delicate Oriental fragrance and Rosa d'Inverno, a mild blend of black and green tea with the scent of rose and ripe fruit. We reccomend to follow the brewing directions on the package. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet ?" William Shakespeare


Earl Grey Imperiale: Indian black tea, flavours, bergamot natural falvour 1% Bancha Fiorito: green teas, jasmine flowers, flavours Rosa d'Inverno: black tea, green tea, flavours, rose buds, sunflower petals.

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