Ursini Oil Opera mastra
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Ursini Oil - Opera Mastra- 500 ml

This Blend represents the excellence of Ursini productions having passed very strict standard of quality.

Variety: Gentile from Chieti 55%, Crognalegno 20%, Leccino 15%, Cucco 10%.

Harvest Period: 18-20 October (Cucco); 20-25 October (Leccino); first week of November (Crognalegno); first week and third week of November (two different lots of Gentile). Conservation: it develops in small steel cisternes. After decanting twice and without filters, the olive oil is bottled in February.


About the Olive Grove: it corresponds to olive trees growing in the territories of Fossacesia, Rocca San Giovanni and Lanciano. The olive trees are aged from 20 (Leccino) to 250 (Gentile from Chieti).