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Oolong Honey Orchid

35 grams tea

Oolong from Taiwan, delicate and pleasing aroma with light oxidation.

Delicious Oolong with rolled leaves, Tien Kwan Yin style, but with a final roasting step in the pan, which gives the leaves a less vivid color than the most popular Tie Kwan Yin. The oxidation grade is quite light(20- 25%) after an initial withering phase, allowing the leaves to lose part of the moisture. This tea belongs to an Oolong category that naturally releases a delicate scent of flowers, maintaining a total absence of bitterness once infused. Perfectly prepared with the Gongfu cha tea style, with multiple infusions.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, floral notes of tilia, vanilla and honey
Color: Dark golden yellow
Flavour: Soft with a persistent chestnut aftertaste on a flowery base. Velvety.

Gr 2/3 200 cc. of natural mineral water at 85° temperature. Infusion time is 3/4 up to minutes. Perfect for Gonfucha ceremony, repeating infusions many times in shorter times ½ mins.

Semi - oxidate tea

Matches perfectly grilled fish, steamed vegetable, pork dishes. Regarding cakes, try it with dried fruit, creams and cream caramel.

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