I Profumi del tè - flavoured blends
€ 8.80


Iced tea Romeo e Giulietta

Gourmet tea bags in a box of 5 filters in transparent cloth. PLA filter (made by corn) + Cotton Wire BIODEGRADABLE

Romantic blend of green teas, papaya, strawberry and rose petals with a sweet and fruity fragrance. For dreamers and lovers.

The line "I Profumi del tè" plays with the evocative and colourful packaging in an ideal sensory journey. Six blends carefully studied by La Via del Tè to combine the natural fragrance of the tea base to the typical Mediterranean scents.

Aroma/Fragrance: Fruity
Color: Deep yellow
Flavour: Mild, fruity

1 tea bag X 1/2 litre of water at a temperature of 80°, leaving in infusion for 2/3 minutes. Perfect cold: Steep 1 Iced Tea bag for the ideal brew time in ½ litre of simmering water. Put into glasses or a jug 2/3 filled with ice cubes. Stir well and enjoy your quick-prep iced tea.

Green teas (China and Japan), papaya, flavours, rose petals, strawberry.

Excellent with teatime cakes and biscuits in general.