Colonial - Fruit & herbal teas
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Herb Tea Ginger Lemon

Box of 20 cotton teabags Cotton filter + Cotton Wire + Trasparent overwrap - BIODEGRADABLE

A revitalizing blend. Lively, pleasant herbal tea, an all-day cup.

Among the ingredients, lemon grass, ginger roots, orange peel, lemon and ginger natural flavours.

Aroma/Fragrance: Citrousy, Grassy, Spicy flavours
Color: Golden yellow
Flavour: Fresh, lightly citrousy

3/4 gr. per cup. Leave in infusion for 5 minutes. Use water at a temperature of 90°

Lemon grass, ginger roots 25%, orange peel, lemon 2% and ginger 1% natural flavours.

Goes excellently with wholemeal biscuits.