Golden Jubilee - flavoured blends
€ 39.90


Gift box of 2 tea tins - total weigh gr. 190 - and 1 tea-scoop

Gift box of 2 assorted tea tins and 1 tea-scoop

Elegant gift box, created to celebrate the first fifty years of La Via del Tè. The set is embellished with hot gold printing of the foundation's and the the anniversary's year. The pack contains one tin of tea blend 1961, and one tin of tea blend 2011 and a practical stainless steel tea scoop. 1961 is a mixture of black teas citrus scented, which reinterprets the tradition with contemporary sensibility and passion; 2011 is a mixture of three famous Chinese green teas enriched with a sweet and intense strawberry and summer fruits flavour, a modern interpretation of an ancient drink, a perfect balance between wisdom and passion. A very Italian tea passion. Since 1961.


1961:black teas, orange rind, flavours, raspberry, marigold flowers.2011: green teas, papaya, pineapple, flavours, rose petals, heather flowers.

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