Tea Travels - flavoured blends
€ 59.50


Gift box of 6 tea tins X 40 gr. each

Gift box of 6 assorted tea tins

The perfect gift for all those who love traveling... or dream to doing so. The hard-shell case with the printing inspired by old maps is closed by an elastic drawcord, recalling the legendary Moleskine notebook loved by famous travellers. Inside, six tins containing 6 different flavoured blends inspired by traditions and far away lands. Rajasthanis a sumptuous blend of black tea and spices ; Shahrazad is a refined blend of black teas with the unmistakable notes of pomegranate; Tuaregh is a blend of green tea flavored with "Nanah" mint and citrus; Lu Yu combines the charm of China Oolong tea, semi-oxidized, with the precious gems of white tea Yin Zhen; Capetown is a blend of Rooibos with a sweet and intense aroma of crème caramel;Tat'jana is a balanced and elegant blend of black teas with orange and bergamot.

Over the centuries each country has developed his own passion for tea through unique recipes and traditions. “Tea travel” is an imaginary journey into the history, the legends and the scents of distant lands.


Rajasthan: : black tea (India), fennel seeds, cinnamon, flavours, cardamom, cloves, ginger root, pink pepper, natural flavour. Tuaregh: green teas China), natural flavours, vervain, rose petals, cornflower petals. Lu Yu: semi-oxidized Oolong tea( China), white tea (China), flavours, rose petals, raspberries, mallow flowers, natural flavour. Sharazhad: black teas (India, Sri Lanka), papaya, flavours, rose petals, strawberry, natural flavour. Tat'jana: black teas (China, Sri Lanka, India), orange peel, lavender flowers, orange blossoms, safflower petals, flavours. Cape Town: Rooibos (South Africa), flavours, sunflower petals, rose petals, mallow flowers.