Firenze - flavoured blends
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Firenze gift box

Gift box X 12 transparent gourmet tea bags PLA filter (made by corn) + Cotton Wire BIODEGRADABLE

Six different fragrant blends dedicated to the artistic treasures of the city in practical single-dose filters. The blends are: La Leggenda di Boboli, TIl Segreto dei Medici, Santa Maria del Fiore, Appuntamento sul Ponte Vecchio, Il Mistero della Venere and Il Sogno di Michelangelo.

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As dutiful tribute to Florence and some of it’s priceless art treasures La Via del Tè has created six fragrant blends, the result of a painstaking research on facts, personalities, food and legends of the Renaissance, of which the city is the symbol.


Please refer to the sheets of the individual blends

La Leggenda di Boboli: Indian black tea, black tea, flavours, orange rind, orange flower, lavander. Il Segreto dei Medici: Green tea (China), flavours, mallow flowers, rose buds, white tea. Santa Maria del Fiore: Black teas (China, Kenya), natural flavours, flavours, heather flowers, rose petals, redcurrants, sunflowers petals. Appuntamento su Ponte Vecchio: Bancha green tea, green teas, flavours, pear, rose buds, marigold, jasmine flowers. Il Mistero della Venere: Black teas (India, Sri Lanka), natural flavour, apple, almonds, fig pieces, rose petals, flavours, marigold petals. Il Sogno di Michelangelo: Half-oxidized tea (China), raisin, flavours, pine kernels, cornflower petals, sunflower petals, safflower petals.

Please refer to the sheets of the individual blends