Christmas blends - herbal teas
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Christmas in Love

90 grams tin

When it's cold and snow is in the air, the scent of Christmas in Love will warm you up. A festivity blend: sweet herbal tea. Without caffeine.

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All the elements of tradition are found in the Christmas Tea line of La Via del Tè: snow crystals, the scent of sweets, candied fruit and spices ... A pinch of magic: it's Christmas!

Aroma/Fragrance: Intense, pleasant and fruity, citrus stands out.
Color: Dark pink-yellow
Flavour: Balanced, sweet, fruity.

3/4 g x 150 cc. Water 90° 5/6 min.

Passion flower (natural anti-stress), vervain (of well known digestive properties) enriched with the citrus notes of Yuzu, the Japanese tangerine, and pear.

It goes wll with simple biscuits, homemade cakes, panettone.