Grand Cru selection - Black tea
€ 5.00


Assam Doomni SFTGFOP1

25 grams bag

Exceptional black tea, a first crop coming from the garden of Doomni. Beautiful proportion of golden tips, intense aroma of tobacco, wood, malt, caramel, cocoa.

Fine quality black tea, from orthodox manufacturing process. Doomni is the tea garden in the district of Baksia, bordering Mana National Park and Bhutan. Assam tea region, in northeast India, on the banks of Brahmaputra river, is the home country of Assamese tea variety, discovered by British around 1820. A classic, full-bodied tea, well known worldwide. The letters stand for: Special Fine Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe 1 choice. This is a first flush, picked at the end of March. Traditionally there two main crops in Assam: first flush (end of Marcha) and second flush (May/June), very much appreciated for the taste and aromatic profile.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, tobacco, woody, malt notes.
Color: Deep red-orange
Flavour: Full-bodied, malty, with a pleasant light astrincency. Caramel and cocoa notes.

Gr 2/3 gr.X 200 cc. Of natural mineral water at 90° of temperature. Infusion time is 3 minutes.

Indian black tea

Perfect at brunch or English breakfast, goes well with toasts, butter and jam also. Nice marriage with chocolate cookies and cakes.