Matcha Body Scrub

Let’s find out together how to make a body scrub with our Matcha:

How to do:
1 tablespoon of Organic Matcha powdered green tea
100 gr of organic coconut oil
200 g organic brown sugar

Add Matcha powder and sugar to a bowl and pour very slowly the liquid, melted coconut oil. (Melt it for few seconds in the microwave or bain-marie).
Mix togheter all the ingredients with a wooden spoon, until well combined.
Apply the body scrub in the shower or bath.
Make sure your body is softened with warm water then apply scrub with hands with circular movements.
Rinse well.

Important: Our DIY scrub is preservatives free, so it keeps its beneficial properties up to 3 weeks after preparation, if kept in a air-tight container, in a dry place, away from light.