Together with China, Japan, Russia, England, Turkey and Morocco, Iran is one of the nations with the highest consumption of tea and drinking tea is a profound ritual.
Tea drunk in Iran is black, preferably whole leaf tea, strong and full-bodied, prepared in the teapot that it is kept warm above the samovar, the water boiler. The infusion it is very long, over 10 minutes, and before serving, some tea is poured into a glass to check the color.
If it’s ready, every glass – with the characteristic flared shape - will be filled for two thirds, diluted with hot water tapped from the kettle and sweetened to satisfy personal taste. Iranians drink tea with sugar lumps (Ghand) or candy sugar (Nabat); sometimes rose petals or cardamom, cinnamon or some stigma of saffron are added.

According to tradition, the perfect tea is:
tâzeh dam - freshly made
lab riz - fills the glass to the brim
lab suz – hot
lab duz - lips smacking.