Iced tea (with milk) traditions from around the world

How iced tea is enjoyed around the world? Curiously enough, we found that most countries famed for their iced teas are concentrated around the South-East Asian belt. Each of them have a different tradition and drink it in a different way, let’s discover how!

1. Thai Cha Yen
In Taiwan “Cha Yen ”o ชาดำเย็น, cha dam yen, litterally the dark iced tea is very popular. The Thailand’s unique iced tea or Cha Yen. An amber-colored blend of Ceylon or Assam tea with sugar and condensed milk, with spices like star anise, tamarind and orange blossom, served over ice in a tall glass. Cha Yen is sweet and spicy with a high calorie count that is outweighed by its reputation to be incredibly refreshing on hot days.

2. Malaysian Teh Tarik
Black tea, sugar, and condensed milk are what make up Malaysia’s signature brew. “Teh tarik” or “pulled tea” is unique owing to the way it is mixed. To achieve its distinctly frothy texture, the beverage is poured back and forth between mugs, giving the liquid repeated access to air as it flows from one glass to another. The making of Teh Tarik developed into an art form in its own right. To watch teh tarik being mixed is akin to watching an elaborate dance routine where the brew acts as a partner leaping from one mug to another under the watchful gaze of the skilful brewer.