In conclusion, we can say that green, white and semi-fermented or oolong teas, and the Pu-Erh in view of its special processing, are those richest in beneficial substances for the organism.
To reap the full benefit of the health-giving properties of tea, a consumption of 3 cups a day is normally recommended.
Instead the only tea that allows us to take in 100% of the substances contained in it is the Japanese green Matcha, which has been used for centuries in Japan in the tea ceremony.
Unlike all the other types of tea, Matcha is drunk in the form of powdered tea leaves mixed with water, and not as an infusion: this means that we benefit fully from all the substances that green tea is rich in.
All the data provided here have been taken from a study carried out by the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Florence in collaboration with the company Snak srl - La Via del Tè.
(An estimation of the assumed amount of catechins, xantines and theanine of several commercial representative types of tea, Department of Pharmaceutical Science, University of Florence, 2005).