rooibos - Rooibos
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Loose leaf tea

Also known as "red tea" , is not a true tea, because it does not come from Camellia Sinensis, but is the product of processing the aerial parts and twigs of Asphalatus linearis, a shrub which grows mainly in South Africa. Initially used by the local population , it is national drunk in South Africa. Caffeine free, the drink has been investigated in many Universities for the healthy properties.It is considered a veritable source of antioxidants and is used to soothe aching abdominal colic, expecially of babies.

Aroma/Fragrance: Sweetish, woody notes.
Flavour: Mild, nutty, woody notes.

Rooibos (Asphalatus Linearis)

Excellent with teatime cakes and biscuits in general, but also with fresh fruits. It pairs well with Blue Cheese and enhances the taste of roast- beef