Natursan BIO - Black tea
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Whole leaf tea in filters

Box of 20 biodegradable fabric tea bags

Not possible for the US market.

Very good Darjeeling from organic farming,with beautiful small leaves and golden buds. It reveals the typical characteristics of Indian black teas from the "Land of thunderbolts"(Darjeeling literally translated), in northern India at the Himalayan foothills. Recognized as the "champagne" of teas for the flavor and the unusual and the unique aroma of muscat grapes. Darjeeling tea is a GI product ,Geographical Indication is protected and Darjeeling tea are defined only those products that match specific criteria.

Aroma/Fragrance: Wood, spices
Color: Dark amber, bronze reflexes
Flavour: Robust, faithful to the aroma, muscatel and spicy notes.

1 tea bag X 150 cc. natural mineral water at 90°. Infusion time: 3 minutes.

Indian black tea

Spicy dishes (curry, Indian food), but it goes well with savory dishes in general. Among the dessert pair with creamy puddings.