Grand Cru selection - Black tea
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Assam Khongea SFTGFOP1

100 grams bag Whole- leaf tea

High quality tea, obtained from an orthodox manufacturing process and fine plucking of two leaves and one bud, from the estate of Khongea, owned now by Darjeeling Glenburn estate. It has many golden tips (Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Special Fine Pekoe 1 choice). The plantations in Assam extend over a large area on both sides of Brhamaputra river in northern India. It was here that was discovered around 1820 native plant, Camellia, named variety Assam. A classic tea , very popular around the world for its malty flavour and full body.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, tobacco, woody, leather and malty notes
Color: Dark coppery
Flavour: Full-bodied, malty and chocolate tones

Gr 2 / 3 gr.X200 cc. mineral water at a temperature of 90 ° C. Infusion time 3 minutes.


Excellent when accompanying the brunch, or the full English breakfast but also goes well with cookies and any cake . It pairs nicely with chocolate.