Tea Travels - flavoured blends
€ 59.50


Gift box of 6 tea tins X 40 gr. each

Gift box of 6 assorted tea tins

The perfect gift for all those who love traveling... or dream to doing so.

The hard-shell case with the printing inspired by old maps is closed by an elastic drawcord, recalling the legendary Moleskine notebook loved by famous travellers. Inside, six tins containing 6 different flavored blends inspired by traditions and far awaylands. Rajasthan is a sumptuous blend of black tea and spices according to the traditional recipe for Chai, the Indian national drink, to be enjoyed with sugar and milk; Shahrazad is inspired by the beautiful princess of the "Thousand and One Nights" and the charm of ancient Persia. It is a refined blend of black teas with the unmistakable notes of pomegranate, symbol of love and rebirth; Tuaregh is a blend of green tea flavored with"Nanah" mint and citrus, inspired by the ceremonial drink of the nomads of the desert; Lu Yu combines the charm of China Oolong tea, semi-oxidized, with the precious gems of white tea Yin Zhen, "Silver needles" silver, "once inly deserved to the emperor; Capetown is a blend of Rooibos -totally free of caffeine- and rose petals, mallow and sunflower, with a sweet and intense aroma of crème caramel; Tatiana is a balanced and elegant blend of black tea from India, Ceylon and China enriched by the notes of orange and bergamot. A classic, fragrant "Russian styled tea".


Rajasthan: Indian black tea, fennel seeds, flavours, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, pink pepper. Tuareg: green tea, natural flavours, verbena, red rose petals, cornflower. Lu Yu: Oolong tea, white tea, flavours, rose petal, raspberry pieces, mallow flowers