Grand Cru selection - Green tea
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Whole - leaf tea

15 grams bag

Packed full of white apical buds, it is produced from leaves of tea plants growing to more than one thousand meters above sea level. The Chinese name is Xue Ya and it is produced using the same tea bushes destined for the production of white tea, but following the typical steps of the processing of green tea.

The production of this tea was resumed in the 80th years and is considered a outstanding tea by connoisseurs, joining the best characteristics of the best white and green teas. The Fujian province is traditionally divided into three areas: the southern Min Nan, Min Bei to the north, Min Dong to the east, wich produces Xue Ya Snow bud. Harvested once a year, early in the spring, before the Qing Ming festival.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, plant, fruity notes
Color: Straw yellow
Flavour: Smooth with a specific aftertaste and notes of roasted chestnuts

2/3 gr.X 200 cc.of mineral water at a temperature of 75/80 °C. Infusion time 4-5 minutes.


Delicate savory dishes, seasonal salad, tidbits of cream cheese with herbs

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