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Herb Tea Fennel-Licorice

50 grams bag

Herb infusion of two sweet and fragrant herbs: fennel (Foeniculum sativum) and licorice root (Glycyrhiza Glabra.

A mixture of two sweet and fragrant herbs known since ancient times for digestive properties: fennel (Foeniculum sativum) and licorice root (Glycyrhiza Glabra), in the Filtrofoglia cotton teabag, hand-stitched and inserted in the stay-fresh overwrap. Filtrofoglia combines the convenience of single-dose with the quality of whole leaf herbs and teas.

Aroma/Fragrance: Grassy, Sweet notes
Color: Lemon Yellow
Flavour: Sweet,Pleasant,Woody notes

3/4 grams per cup. Leave in infusion for 4/5 minutes. Use water at a temperature of 90°.

Fennel-Licorice: fennel seeds 70%, licorice root 30%

Goes excellently with wholemeal biscuits.

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