€ 64.30


Enamelled Chinese Cast iron teapot (600 cc), Dark Green - with s/steel filter

The art of cast iron working was born in ancient China even though in Japan they get to a higher level.

The cast iron teapots that we propose are distinguishable from the Japanese ones because external enameled, which makes them look extra glossy, with a nice maiolica effect.

Enameled cast-iron teapots last for long time if you follow few simple rules: First use: 1. Thoroughly rinse the teapot with hot water. 2. While the teapot is still warm, wipe the teapot inside and outside with a dry cloth. 3. Let the pot air drying before replacing infuser and lid. Your teapot is ready. Use and care instructions: 1. After each use, rinse and gently clean pot thoroughly with water only. Do not use soaps. Never use a dishwasher to clean it. 2. Wipe the outside dry with a clean cloth while the pot is still warm. Do it gently, avoiding to take off color. Let the teapot air drying before replacing infuser and lid. 3. Do not leave any tea or water in the teapot to avoid rust. 4. Do not expose the teapot to salt or oil or lemon. 5. Never use a microwave. 6. Remember that cast iron teapots do not replace the classic kettles. They are intended to make tea not to boil water in it. If you put it on the gas hob, do it only on very low fire, always using a flame spreader.

Materials: cast iron
Color: Dark green
Capacità: 600 cc