Natursan BIO - Green tea
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Whole leaf tea in filters

Box of 20 biodegradable fabric tea bags

Not possible for the US market.

The Special Gunpowder, in this case from certified organic cultivation, is the most consumed green tea in the world. It is characterized by the rolled leaves,resembling small balls of gunpowder (hence derives its English and market name "gunpowder"). Like all green teas, it is claimed to have healthy properties , anti-oxidants expecially. It is traditionally used in Morocco to prepare the Ataay Naa Naa, the national beverage prepared by adding fresh mint leaves and lot of sugar. The original Chinese name is Zhu Cha, pearls of tea.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, grassy, vegetal.
Color: Deep yellow.
Flavour: Powerful, robust, slight bitterness.

1 tea bag X 150 cc. natural mineral water at 80°. Infusion time: 2 minutes.

Chinese green tea

Savory dishes .Among dessert , try with almond cake, or with dried fruits.