Natursan BIO - Green tea
€ 10.35 8.25


Whole leaf tea in filters

Box of 20 biodegradable fabric tea bags

Not possible for the US market.

Chinese green tea scented from organic farming. The leaves of green tea are mixed several times with Asian jasmine flowers picked at dawn at the time of greatest scent. Jasmine tea is traditionally processed in the late summer, when the blossoming of jasmine is at its peak. Tea universally loved. The original name is Moli Hua Cha.

Aroma/Fragrance: Strong, sweetish, flowery.
Color: Yellow, golden reflexes
Flavour: Slight grassy, faithful to the aroma, longlasting sweet Jasmine aftertaste.

1 tea bag X 150 cc. natural mineral water at 80°-85°. Infusion time: 2-3 minutes.

Chinese green tea, jasmine flowers 0,5%

Seafood, saltwater fish grilled, rice, Chinese cooking, but goes well with milky dessertò.